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Agricultural Gypsum


Agricultural Gypsum – Bulk $125 / Ton

Non-bagged tonnage can be delivered.

This will condition your soil and make it healthy.


This is combination of our coarse, granular, and fine gypsum. This will spread easy and give your lawn and garden all the benefits of gypsum. It works well to spread after aeration but, it can be applied directly on top in the spring summer and fall. Moisture will break it down and it will loosen your soil allowing water to get to the roots. This will promote better growth. It will also add Calcium to the plants which will also promote better growth and the Sulphur will stabilize your PH. This blend will also work well with heavy salt and alkali impacted soils. It is best to till or rake it in to allow it to penetrate deeper. It will open up the soil and allow moisture to flush the salt or Alkali deep below the root zone. $125.00 / Ton


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